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John McGeorge
My motor racing career

My racing career started in Cape Town in1977 when my dad bought me a Taifun 100 stock kart. Raced that kart until I went for national service in July of 1998. The next motor racing I did was in 1983 when I bought a Mazda RX2 for R1000.00.I lowered the front by cutting one coil off springs. The rear suspension I had special Spax shocks made by Spax in Pinetown. The spring saddle was lowered by 25 mm to lower rear. I then got in contact with John Rowe who told me to drill out jets and advance timing on both distributors by 5 degrees. The Group One Mazda's of that time were using M & H racing slicks. So a set of those were bought mounted on rostyle rims. My first race was a Castrol Clubmans event at Kyalami. It was a handicap event with about 60 competitors racing anything from a Chevron B19 to a Mini or even an old Merc. Cars were set off based on the time from qualifying. I ended up finishing 36 or so in both races out of a field of some 60 cars. After a racing drivers school and my second race at Kyalami, the car was sold. Moved back to karts and did the regional championship. I had always loved any single-seater racing so built myself a Formula Vee. My first race was the Durban street race followed by a race in Cape Town. Raced vees for a few years. Later sold the second car I had bought best finish was an eleventh place at East London GP track. I then bought an old Ashley Formula GTI car. Rebuilt and raced it for a few years. Sold it mid-2001 as my business had cash flow issues. Needed the money to keep afloat.
Started building this Formula Vee in
2005.frame is made from cold-rolled tubing comprising 76 x 38 rectangle, round 25 mm and dash and main rollbar from 38 mm tube. All tig welded into place. Molds made and body panel taken off them. the hardest part. Car was put away for a few years. Taken out improvments were made. Seat belt anchor points were changed to comply with new seat belt rules.FIA approved belts had to be used. The seating position was also changed and seat-mounted. The fuel tank was made and installed. The body was changed slightly from the original design giving access to the pedal area. The rear shock was sourced modified for adjustment and fitted. Exhaust branch and tailpipe made. Recently gear lever and linkage to gearbox made, painted and installed.